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Tap Tap Art School, a unique and creative space, opened its doors on Saturday, to more than 100 families ready to get their hands dirty with art. A first-of-its-kind school in the area is the brain-child of owner and art teacher Amelia Rabroker, who held a strong desire to share her passion for creative expression with others. “I’m trying to bring art into this community, because there is a void here.” Live music with DJ and Brandi entertained the crowd strolling about the two-story house with kids dabbling in all sorts of free art classes, like jewelry making and a tile planter workshop, each led by certified art teachers. In one room, Angelo Gomez demonstrated how to paint a sky. “Tap Tap is wonderful, and I’m ready to start working,” Gomez said. The patio held more classes where kids decorated a wind chime or did tie-dye, sometimes getting more paint on themselves.


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