2021 Firing Schedule and Fees

***Tap Tap Art School is NOT Responsible for broken, cracked, or failed pieces***


Firing Services are offered as an extension of our Studio Membership* 

We do not offer firing services alone *See main Pottery Page for more information

Drop Off/Pick-Up 2pm-6pm Tuesday-Thursday

Firing Fees*: Small- $3, Medium- $4, Large $6, X-Large- $10

*Discounts Available if in Pottery Classes *More info on the Studio Membership Page

Fees will be Case by Case and PAYMENT DUE before firing and Upon Pottery Receipt

Place your pieces in boxes with desired cone firing.  Example:  ALL greenware in one box labeled with bisque, ALL cone 6 glazed pieces in one box labeled Cone 6

Label the boxes with your name and phone number.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for work to be fired. 

Bottoms must be free of glaze, or they will not be fired.  *Excludes Low-Fire if bottoms are glazed

Firing Temperature:  Low-Fire Cone 06, Bisque Cone 04, Mid-Fire Cone 5-6

We do not allow more than two firings per piece.  For example, one bisqued to Cone 04 and glazed to Cone 6.

We will only fire Clay Works and the listed clay on our studio membership page

No refunds after work is bisqued, if not glazed and fired. 

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*We do not accommodate production pottery*