Academics Fused with the Arts

If you are looking for a unique educational experience for your child, Tap Tap Art Studios introduces our Academics Fused with the Arts (AFA) program. While this program is being introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is far more than a safety net for families looking for a quality educational experience for their children.

With a degree in elementary education, our founder Amelia Rabroker made the decision to implement a program that provides online learning labs incorporating curriculum identified by KISD or K12 Homeschool Programs.  The Tap Tap AFA calendar will follow the KISD published school year calendar.  Regardless of which program a parent or caregiver selects, students will be supervised by certified teachers and the base curriculums will be enhanced with:

  • Art enrichment classes
  • Music classes in association with the T. Ringgold Academy of the Arts
  • Creative Movement and physical activity.

The price for our program is $680/month.  Tap Tap Art Studios will also provide discounts for AFA attendees to our before and after school programs.  To learn more about Tap Tap AFA, please call (254) 833-5055.

Please visit <<<link>>> to download and print our enrollment application. A completed and signed application will need to be provided to Tap Tap Art Studios in order for your child to be considered for participation.

Covid-19 Guidelines

With respect to COVID-19, class sizes will not exceed our ability to provide appropriate social distancing.  Additionally, we will ensure that our day-to-day practices will meet or exceed the recommendations provided by the Bell County Health District and the CDC.  These will certainly include:

  • Frequent hand washing
  • Sanitation of work areas
  • Face mask mandate
  • Staff and children temperature screenings prior to each day or entry into the facilities.