The Bus

Proudly recognizable and somewhat iconic, the Tap Tap Bus is our mobile art studio. Created with the idea that many children’s educational journeys began on bus ride to their schools, it just seemed like the right vehicle to share our love for the arts. The outside of the bus is completely airbrushed with a multitude of bright and colorful images and designed by Amelia with the inspiration of the “Tap Tap” buses or pick-up trucks in Haiti. The inside of the bus has a classroom that can accommodate up to 24 students. It is complete with a sink, tables and benches, and of course – air conditioning. The bus travels to area schools, businesses, and residential private parties and adds a fun and creative element to any event. Call us today to let us help you enhance your event through our mobile arts program.

Bus Parties

Bring the Tap Tap Bus to your location to add an exciting art element to your parties. Paint, and relax with our wide variety of art themes or let us customize a project for you. Book your party on the bus for $150.00 plus the cost per project.  We require 15 days notice to book parties. A deposit of $150.00 must be paid to reserve dates and times for all parties. The amount paid is deposit only, the remaining balance of all parties must be paid on the party date.

$15 per small canvas or small bisque piece or wine glass

*We offer gender alternatives to our party themes.

Field Trips

Book the Tap Tap bus for your school for an educational and creative field trip experience. We can incorporate the children’s studies into the chosen artwork, whether it be a canvas painting, matted painting, or a small sculpture.

Cost per child:
1-100 $10.00
100-up $9.00

Team Building

Fun, Interactive, and wall breaking. Team building at Tap Tap Art School through collaborative or personal projects are sure to help make your team stronger. Team members will get their hands dirty and make something unique with us here. Please call for more information on planning your next team building activity.