Are you a dance school?

No. We get this all the time because we have tap in our name. The company started as a mobile art school on a bus that was inspired by the Tap Tap buses in Haiti. These Haitian buses are wildly painted buses that are used for transpiration.

Are you a daycare?

We are not licensed by the state as a child care facility but we offer an art based after-school program and summer camps both for full time students and half time.

Are you like other social painting places?

We do offer similar services but we are primarily focused on a truly unique art education and promoting the creative process. We have fun at Tap Tap but we want each person to leave our school with unique art pieces and to learn some new art skills while they are enjoying making art. We also teach a variety of different materials and art forms. The offerings are ever changing so our students will never get bored! Each piece created is as unique as the students who create them. There is no wrong way to do art! We always have wine for you at our facility, but you can BYOB.

Do you teach adult classes?

YES we do! We offer crafting nights on Tues and on Fridays we offer adult classes that are also BYOB. And in the future we will be offering much more!

Why should my child take art classes?

Art education and enrichment is an important factor in a child's education which oftentimes can be overlooked. Studies show that art education can not only increase their ability to problem solve, but it can also increase their IQ, provide additional cross-curriculum understandings (math, sciences, history, etc.), as well as increase positive mental self-awareness and of others around them.

Why should I take an art class as an adult?

Art is fun! We lose that idea sometimes as an adult, and worry about how it will turn out, or view it as an unachievable task. It isn't! We have extremely qualified artists and educators that will not only guide you throughout the creative process successfully, but you will have fun with it as well! We encourage individual takes on each project we teach, helping to spur along that creative side we all had as children, but sometimes lose in adulthood. Art for adults, studies show, can also decrease stress, increase problem solving, and increase creativity!

Are you just for kids?

No. We initially started for kids, but we have grown into a program for all ages. We have wonderful teen classes that are taught by art professionals and certified teachers in the arts. We also have many adult classes.

Do you only teach drawing?

We do teach drawing and it is the foundation of art, but we teach a variety of different art forms. We offer painting, watercolor, clay, sculpture, jewelry making, crafting, digital art, animation, printmaking, and much more.

Do you still use the bus?

Yes! We still use the bus for large group settings. We primarily teach at schools, festivals, and birthday parties on the bus.

Do you teach private art lessons?

Yes, private lessons are available but we do encourage group classes. Tap Tap provides an intimate setting with skilled teachers, so the student numbers are already low. By having others in a classroom situation, the teacher is able to facilitate the class using students' feedback to both inspire and encourage the creative process.