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I cannot tell you all how much fun this was! So creative, welcoming and FUN! I will most certainly go back!!!
Posted By: Beth Perry
Amelia Rabroker Brings the joy of the arts to students in all the right ways and balances the idea of creative freedom with healthy structure. Her art history components bring purpose and context for students to reflect on art masters while encouraging age appropriate, high success art making.
Posted By: Hershall Seats
Chairman, UMHB Arts Department
Working with and observing Mrs. Rabroker as a student teacher was such a valuable experience. Students not only learned the elements and principles of design but she also incorporated other subjects such as math, history, and geography. The students created beautiful 2-D painting and exquisite 3-D artwork with her journal and pottery lessons. Mrs. Rabroker is a teacher who enjoys watching the delight of her students when they accomplish something on their own.
Posted By: Susan Powell
UMHB Student Teacher
I can't say enough good things about Tap Tap! My kids spent most of their summer break there, and loved it. We are so thankful to have found such a nurturing, fun environment with well-planned activities and caring teachers.
Posted By: Jennifer Mikan
They have some very nice art and crafts! Can't wait to see what's next.
Posted By: Monique Henderson
Amelia Rabroker is a highly motivated, creative and innovative teacher. She not only explores the visual arts creating wonderful works with students, but also makes connections across foundation area curricula. Ms. Rabroker introduces the world to her students via art. The work of her young students is masterful and is accomplished with great depth of understanding of both subject matter and media.
Posted By: Sheila Donahue
Director of Fine Arts
Today was our 1st visit and we got to take part in Tap Tap's 1st Mommy and Me class. My 5 & 6 year old loved it & so do did I. Age appropriate, variety of activities to keep kids entertained. The staff were all kind and welcoming.
The school is a fun safe place to spend quality time.
Posted By: Elizabeth Fulton
Last night was fun! Thank you for all the encouragement.
Posted By: Mercy Cosper
We took our first class there tonight. The kids loved it.
Posted By: Michelle Coakley
Today was Epic...Tap Tap Art came and made my lil girl's birthday the best ever...Thank you so much for your talent and patience as you coached the girls to a fabulous masterpiece of Lippy Lips!!!!
Posted By: Veronica Russel

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