Tap Tap Art School started as a traveling art school on a bus that in itself inspires creativity. We travel to schools and daycares across central Texas teaching a variety of art skills and art forms that ignite the inner artist in our students. The idea of the Tap Tap bus was born out of a desire to promote the visual arts in schools and has now grown into a business that makes our curriculum accessible to individuals of all ages who had little or no access to the arts before. We seek to advance their art skills and embrace their creative spirit through creative parties at both our facility and on the Tap Tap Bus as well as Elementary and Middle School After-School programs, open pottery studio, and art fieldtrips on the bus or at our beautiful free standing location.

Our mission at Tap Tap Art School is to provide programs and services that encourage a love for the arts and a confidence to create. By looking through the lens of our core beliefs you will see a kaleidoscope of opportunities for our students to create, reflect, and express themselves! Through passionate and skilled teaching we ensure that all students in our programs will become knowledgeable and skillful in the arts as well as problem solvers and critical thinkers with innovative ideas. We value the natural desire to create and we do not stifle the enjoyment that occurs during creative process.

In the future we want to continue to offer creative services to the Central Texas area, but we want to expand our services to add more types of art forms, and build up our already beautiful grounds with more buildings that are geared toward the art disciplines. We are a grass roots company that started in Killeen and we want to continue to promote and grow the arts in this thriving community.

  • Tap Tap Art School encourages students to think creativity.
  • We engage students to develop visual arts knowledge and problem solving skills.
  • Tap Tap creates a safe forum for student expression, communication, exploration, and imagination.
  • Cultural and historical understanding are encouraged through our art program.
  • Tap Tap art students are taught high-quality lessons that are fun and engaging.
  • Materials are not just handed out; we develop an understanding of the creative process enabling students to envision new solutions.