Amelia Rabroker

Amelia Rabroker


Advocating the visual arts has been my lifelong passion. My passion for art started from an early age and has always been a big part of my life. Coming from a long line of artist and educators, art education is part of who I am. As a native of the Central Texas area, my family's roots run deep and I'm proud to call at my home and raise two beautiful children here. After graduating from Baylor University with a degree in elementary education and a specialization in art education, I was fortunate to start my career at Killeen ISD. I started teaching fourth grade for the district, and during those years I begin to integrate the arts in my regular education classroom and even started an afterschool art club. Once my administration experienced the power of art education, I got the opportunity to start a full art program. Since then I've had the privilege to molding thousands of children into little artist. During my years as an art educator in the public-school system I was the recipient of the Killeen Daily Herald Excellence in Teaching Award. I also orchestrated several school wide fundraisers, large art shows, fieldtrips, and school beautification projects. My attendance to state and national art teacher conferences has allowed me to continue with professional development. Prior to my time with Killeen ISD, I designed and coordinated summer art programs at the Art Center Waco and afterschool programs for Waco ISD. As an artist, I have had my artwork on display at Austin Community College and the Dougherty Arts Center in Austin. In my years of working with students and through my own artistic works, I firmly believe the visual arts and the artistic process help to develop students problem-solving skills that will enable them to become independent thinkers and successful lifelong learners. After 10 years of wonderful experiences and professional growth Killeen ISD, I decided it was time to make a change and grow into a different direction. I came up with the idea of Tap Tap after teaching a lesson on the Tap Tap buses in Haiti. I was fascinated by the artistic design and after my own creative process took hold, my ideas involved into my concept of the traveling part bus! My Tap Tap bus has taken me on quite a journey and I could have never foreseen the beauty company that it has grown into. The Tap Tap bus was a great success, but my vision grew and now I am proud to lead a talented staff and have a facility that has greatly enhanced the arts in our community.

Devan Mingo

Devan Mingo

Assistant Director/Art Teacher

Hello, my name is Devan Mingo, and for as long as I can remember art has been a part of my life. From scribbling on the empty spaces of my work assignments in school to drawing my favorite cartoon characters in notebooks. Art has been a consistent part of my life sense I could hold a pencil but it wasn’t until high school that I decided that art would be the thing I wanted to do most over any other career choice. An animation I made in class with adobe flash of a character I created of living electricity, won me an award for raising awareness on saving energy. This achievement jump started my will to be a professional artist, and led me to go on to study at the Art Institute of Austin in media arts and animation. I continue to develop and hone my skills and techniques to create a series of graphic novels as well as retelling some of my favorite stories in graphic form. I now attempt to reach out to younger artist and provide them the tools and advice they need to both be successful artist as well as find love and joy in what they and others create and do.

Ms. Liz

Ms. Liz graduated from Texas Lutheran University with a Bachelor in Art. She has recently discovered a fire to immerse herself in art and teach others how to create. She desires to be creative using basic materials while reflecting on her inner self as well as finding new ways to recycle and upcycle items. As a mother herself she believes it’s important for children to learn and love art through both play and guidance.

Ms. Adrianna

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” quote by Thomas Merton. Art is something that has enabled me to find my true passion in life, and I want my students to understand what it means to lose themselves in their artwork. Nothing compares to the feeling of getting caught up in the creative zone! I feel fortunate to have grown up in Harker Heights where I have experienced diversity, and developed an understanding of the needs of a military community. After graduating from Harker Heights High School, I set my sights on the Art Institute in Dallas. There I was provided with opportunities to further my art skills and discover my own style of work. During my years at the Art Institute, I was an intern at Art Of Style Consulting Company which allowed me to be involved in the creation of a fashion brand. This opportunity also allowed me to hold a key position with Francesca’s Collection Corporation through image consulting.

Through hard work and dedication to the arts, I received my Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Dallas. You could say I found myself during my years of college, and now it is my time to give back to my community with the knowledge I have gained. I started my teaching career at Tap Tap Art School in April 2018 and now I am losing myself into the creativity and passion that it takes for the children I teach to succeed.

Ms. Amber

Hello, my name is Amber Amos~Bryant, and children's education has always been my passion. At a early age when I was asked what did I want to be when I grew up and a teacher was always the answer. Getting the joy and privilege to work with so many kids from different walks of life fuels me to keep growing and learning as a teacher, but as a mother too. From my time working in KISD and as a director at a few child care centers, being able to see them grow and be successful at the things they set out to do is better than any amount of money to me. Now getting to collaborate my love of art with work with kids have been a dream come true. I am constantly amazed and learning so much from the children that I am now the student. I enjoy immensely getting the opportunity to help coordinate the different camps, field trips, classes, and art shows here at Tap Tap. I look forward to many more years getting to create many more wonderful memories with the families and their children here at Tap Tap Art School!